Wedding photography in Cameroon

A wedding is undoubtedly a memorable moment in one’s life. It represents that moment where you get to begin a new journey of a lifetime with your chosen partner(s).

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What is wedding photography

A wedding is undoubtably a memorable moment in one’s life. It represents that moment where you get to begin a new journey of a lifetime with their chosen partner(s).

Everyone has their own definition of a wedding and if I were to as you what is your definition of a wedding, it will not be the same as another person’s because each person has their own unique take about what a wedding is.

For starters, I would say a wedding is generally described as a union between 2 persons. This might be a general definition, but others see it as a ceremony of association. Now wedding photography is simply an arm of photography that captures memorable moments of a wedding celebration to be documented and kept for posterity.

Types of weddings in Cameroon

In Cameroon, there are typically 3 types of recognized weddings namely, traditional/customary, church/Islamic, and contract marriage.

Traditional wedding

This is mostly the coming together of the 2 families involved in the process that of the bride and that of the groom in mostly a purely traditional setting to discuss the dowry of the girl. At this stage, it’s mostly the parents of the couple and or other key elders in the family that enter the negotiation on what the bride price will entail.

The bride’s parents or family are the major participants here determining what they will collect from the groom depending on how and what their traditional beliefs propounds on the issue. When all the negotiations are done, the groom and family then pay and buy all that has been given on the list before they can be considered married traditionally.

Court wedding

This is the type where the couple goes before a mayor or a designated state official to make legal their union in the eyes of the law. This part is very important because the state gets to recognize them as a couple and they sought the type of marriage they want whether its monogamy or polygamy (yes, its legal in Cameroon).

The couples are expected to come with their witnesses to sign the statutory registry.

Wedding Photography In Cameroon

Church wedding/Islamic wedding/ white wedding

This comes or takes place in the church or a mosque where both couples present themselves in front of a priest or an imam for him to officially welcome them and bless their union following the laid down norms of the church. The bride dresses in white reasons why it’s called by most people a white wedding.

Equipment’s and personnel needed to shoot a wedding

Having the best equipment to shoot a wedding in both still and moving images is of prime importance because this is an event that happens once in most people’s lives and they will love to cherish the memories that’s why they called for a wedding photographer.

Getting the best camera that can handle the work is of the essence. For the pictures, the photographer should be able to draw the balance on the right amount of exposure that is the iso as well as a combination of the shutter speed and aperture. Getting these wrong will undoubtedly ruin the picture quality.

The lens selected should also be a standard lens that has a god focal length feature or features to perform several tasks at once cause in some instances it will be a marathon.

Other accessories like a tripod, a Speedlight, a trigger, a reflector are all handy for wedding photography.

Drones too are a huge part of wedding coverage. A drone brings a different perspective or angle to a wedding showing an aerial view of the event and taking pictures from above. This can be the fine line between good wedding coverage and superb wedding coverage.

Where to get a wedding photographer in Cameroon

There are many photographers in Cameroon and photographic studios but choosing the right one and trusting them to do the job for you is important.

LJS STUDIOS in Bonaberi Douala is a photography studio that was born on the need to satisfy all these desires and wants of clients when it comes to photography by providing them with quality HD pictures and videos of their events.

We have been involved in wedding coverages and event coverages as well as birthdays and we always provide our clients with the best of what they need and have stood and still stood the test of time.

LJSSTUDIOS covers weddings in Cameroon providing both pictures and videos and also do a live projection on-site as well as live feeds online depending on the need of the client.

Contact us via call or WhatsApp today on +237 654 33 40 91 for your wedding coverage in Cameroon or visit our website at www.ljsstudios.net or send us a mail here

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