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Being a good photography studio is more than just mastering your camera or owning the best camera gear or having the best location

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The world of photography is such a fascinating one indeed especially when talking about the best photo studios particularly in Douala, Cameroon. All over the country there exist a good number of photo studios one of which is LJS STUDIO located in Douala. It is very easy to claim to be the best in what you do, but what qualities and criteria must you have to be considered as one of the best in what you do?

Being a good photography studio is more than just mastering your camera or owning the best camera gear or having the best location— say a Sony Alpha a7S III, Leica Q2, or a Fujifilm X100V – and it’s instead more about the inherent qualities that allow a photographer to see beauty in the most unexpected places or person and capture that beauty in a photograph.

So what makes a good photography studio? It will definitely depend on what photography vocation you’re in. Every photography vocation demands different desirable qualities and equipment. E.g. a pet photographer needs to know how to properly interact and connect with animals; sports photographers need to be quick, strong, and agile to get the best shots; and so on.

But, of course, some of these qualities will always overlap.

  1. Good People Skills (Customer Relationship)

Being a professional photography studio means working with people, whether it’s a client, a model, or even a fellow photographer. Thus, being a good photographer requires good people skills; it is one of the most essential photographic qualities. You’ll also need to network in order to obtain clients and partnerships with other studios, so knowing how to connect and communicate effectively with others is imperative.

When you’re photographing people, knowing how to take a good photo isn’t just enough. As a good photography studio, you also have to know how to interact with your subjects to make them feel at ease, get them to cooperate, or draw all the right emotions out of them.

  1. Creativity And Imagination (Designer)

Studio Photography, for all intents and purposes, is a form of art. Therefore, it requires a creative mindset; and plenty of imagination. A good photographer must be able to look at something ordinary, or even extraordinary, and find a million different ways to interpret and portray what he is seeing and convey those interpretations in beautiful and meaningful pictures.

As you may have heard somewhere else, the composition is everything in photography. Even if you aren’t concerned about the artistic side of your craft, the composition is still key in producing good photographs. Sure, some basic composition rules can guide you, but at the end of the day, creativity and imagination are the best guides for stellar compositions and in having one of the best photo studios in your locality.

  1. Patience And Flexibility

Things just won’t just go your way at times No matter how much you try to control every variable. There will be days when the lighting won’t work properly, times when your models or clients will be exceptionally difficult to deal with, or when your camera just won’t corporate or give you the desired results. And of course, there will be times when you’ll have to take a billion photos just to get one perfect photo.

Whatever photography vocation or field you may be into, patience (lots of it) is always an essential quality to have. In your studio, you need to be patient enough to wait for the perfect lighting and also you need to be patient enough to deal with crying babies, hyperactive animals, and difficult clients. And most of all, you need to be patient enough to keep trying when you simply can’t get the right shot.

Also, In addition to patience, you will need to be flexible (very flexible). The two qualities go in pairs as one cannot be found without the other; you need to be patient enough to deal with whatever comes your way, and you need to be flexible enough to make the best of undesirable conditions.

  1. Studio Area (Space)

The total area of the photo studio is the first thing to pay attention to. The area should be more than 30 m². Thirty square meters is enough for taking portraits to the waist, group photos, or pictures of objects.
To take a person a photo in full length (at a focal length of 70mm), a photographer will need to move about 5meters backward in order to get that perfect shot even though at times he might need less space.

Paying attention to the height of the ceilings in the studio is also of importance; the higher they are, the more there are opportunities to work with light. The height must be at least 3 meters. If you are going to jump for a photo or you need to have photographs taken from above, the height of a ceiling should be at least 4 meters. Nevertheless, the most important equipment in the studio is the lighting.

  1. Equipment

Just as any good works man must have his tools or equipment, the perfect equipment for a good and professional photo studio will include A Good Camera, a Tripod stand, a Camera Bag, Lightings, Lenses,  Backdrops, Props.

The first piece of equipment you will need to start a photography business is a good camera. Plenty of options out there to consider. Some work better in certain situations than others, so you will need to do a lot of research on what models will work best for your particular vocation.

A tripod stand is also an essential piece of equipment since it can help you keep your camera steady and allow you to take many pictures of each subject without moving the camera around.

A camera bad is needed when you’re transporting your camera from place to place, you need to make sure it’s protected. So invest in a good camera bag that you can use to keep your camera from getting broken or damaged.

Lighting is an essential element of any good photograph. And while natural lighting is usually preferred, you’ll also likely want to invest in some studio lighting for when there isn’t sufficient sunlight.

There are plenty of different lenses you can use to get different types of images on your camera. So it can be a good idea to invest in some different lenses to improve the quality of your photos.

You might find it necessary to purchase or create some backdrops that you can use for studio or portrait photographs Depending on what types of photos you plan on taking.

It can also be a good idea to have a variety of different props on hand. The type of props you choose can depend on your specialty. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you probably won’t want the same props that a pet photographer uses. But having a few different options can be a good idea.



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As one of the best photoshoot Studios in Douala – Cameroon, LJS Studios is a production house that was founded on the need for people to immortalize their events and make their most valued and precious events a lifetime companion with a reference that they can relive every day and share with their loved ones and friends all the best moments they had.


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A film production company based in Cameroon. Diversified in many domains. Services offered include photography, videography, graphics designing, film production, etc.  Also diving into film distribution in Cameroon in order to promote Cameroon cinema.


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STUDIO XL is located in Douala, Cameroon. The company is working in Advertising, Corporate Identity Design, Logo Design, Photography Studio, Video Production, Photography, Advertising Photography, Digital Photography Services, Photo Editing, Photographers, and Photography Studios’ business activities.

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